<h>Society Management</h>

Managing societies requires expertise, dedication and continuous follow up on tasks


  1. Managing and maintaining premises
  2. Filing and compliance
  3. Billing and Collection
  4. Monitoring vendors and agencies
  5. Financial Management
  6. Legal Advisory


Rendering professional services that guarantee smooth functioning of a society.


Managing a society is not one persons job. Our team of dedicated managers and professionals provide solutions collaboratively.


A well managed society with happier members and prouder managing committee.

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of this presentation will give you hours to rejoice with your loved ones.

Our service packages

We appoint a society manager for your society who would set up systems in place like work scheduling, job descriptions of staff, staff manual, employee logs etc.

He would ensure maintenance of premises as per managing committees requirement, conflict resolution of members with society, payment reminders, banking etc.

  • Dedicated Manager
  • Shared Manager
  • Office Management
Dedicated Manager

A dedicated manager

would service your society for 8 hours daily. His role would be expansive. You should opt for a dedicated manager if physical presence of the manager is a must in your society. Ideal for larger societies with 100+ member units.

Shared Manager

Shared Manager

Should your society require limited on site managers presence or assistance, shared manager plan is appropriate for you.

Shared managers operate 5 days a week for 2 hrs or 5 hrs per visit.

Office Management

Office manager

Would you like to have your office managed efficiently, your records updated and sound advisory from experts?
Then chose our office management product. Our managers would streamline processes, manage inventory, check systems and manage official paperwork.

Advanced Society Management Techniques

Daily monitoring and surveillance is required to ensure systems set functiona as per expectation.

We work with buildings existing agencies like security and check them against their responsibilities.

We check on inventories & employee logs.

Best effort 24/7 Support and on-site support

At CHS Manager your society is not only covered during working hours of the society manager but 24/7 via phone support and our best effort on -site support.

Key features

  1. Manage day to day affairs of society administration.
  2. Keep society documents in accordance to regulatory requirements.
  3. Safeguard managing committee from making legally incorrect decisions.
  4. Free the managing committee from handling problems of society.
  5. Conduct AGM, SGM and managing committee meets. Preparing minutes for the same.
  6. On demand accessibility to hundreds of agencies/vendors to manage facet of your society.

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